Monday, 14 May 2012

Sleepover? More like Stay Awake Over

On Sat 12 May, a rather energetic and crazy bunch of kids arrived for one of our Legendary Sleepovers!  The New Cape Town Science Centre proved to be an awesome venue.  We had cool activities, Movies on the Big screen as well as Xbox360 with Kinect - not to mention the whole science centre to ourselves!!!!  Here are a few photos of the Madness!

Peace One Day

Living Maths arranged a live hook-up with Jeremy Gilley of the Peace One Day Initiative.  This dynamic and passionate activist is a very strong supporter PEACE and is behind the push for a Global Truce on 21 September.  The students from Herzlia High School and LEAP school were invited to speak to Jeremy. It was evident that Jeremy is a mover and a shaker - he is driven  - his desire for world peace is evident through his actions and words.  We will be watching and supporting Jeremy in his future projects.

Visa to Vietnam

Last week the children from Herzlia Highlands Primary got a chance to chat with a group of students of APU International School in Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam.  The students had a great time asking each other questions and Herzlia's Principal, Mr Gotkin, got to sit in on the session too.  Thank you to teacher Leah for setting it up.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Battle my ships

Recently, I took on the Grade 2 students in Denmark at the Vonsild School with the assistance of their teacher Mr Nielsen.  I also got to take on Mr Mccutcheon's students at Archie Stouffer  Elementary School in Minden Ontario.  It would appear that both the Canadians and the Danish students were able to sink my battleships with ease! I really thought that I was about to win but strangely both teachers pointed out a big spider on my roof and when I turned to have a look, mysteriously, both classes knew where all my ships were hidden.  Hmmmm  I'll have to invetigate this! Excellent work by the students!



What's for Lunch in Denmark ?

Last week a Herzlia Constantia Grade R (Pam's) class got to compare lunch with Mr Nielsen's Grade 1A students at Vonsild School in Denmark.  The students were most intrigued to see the very healthy lunches that the Danish children eat at school.  The children at this school are not permitted any sugar in their lunch boxes - they were very intrigued to see what students in Cape Town get in their lunch boxes!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

If only Skype Miles = regular air miles part 2

This Thursday was a wonderful opportunity to Skpye a few schools/teachers in one day.

It started off in Germany at Realschule Sundern, with Mr Marx' class

Then it moved on Mr Panthy in Nepal

Then we travelled to France with our good friend Mr Mespoulet and his friend Isabelle

Then we moved onto Ms Leah Montano in Vietnam

Now it was off to Ms Laima's class in Lithuania

We then moved off to Taiwan to chat with our friend Lin-Lin - but as promised, we are not posting any photos (something about hair that had just been washed and she had a towel wrapped around it)
Don't worry Lin-Lin - we are grateful for the chat!

Finally we ended the day with Mr Smith's Class in Tewkesbury Gloucestershire, United Kingdom as part of their International Day.  Many teachers around the world Skyped their school and ran sessions with different classes.   We did a few brainteasers and juding by the smiles and laughter...  I think they had some fun!

I wonder where we will be travelling next.....?????

If only Skype miles earned me regular air miles....

The past 2 weeks have been a Skype fest of note (see today's entry after this one). While taking part in the South African National Science Festival, I had my friend and colleague Dr Don Thomas (NASA Astronaut) join me in Skyping two classes.  Mrs Leonard in Georgia (USA) and Mrs Morgan in Fort Worth, Texas (USA) had their students ask Dr Thomas a bunch of questions.  Dr T was very excited about speaking with the students and he was impressed with levels of questions!  Here is the blog entry posted by Mrs Morgan.

Here are some photos that I took of the session.