Monday, 30 January 2012

The Living Maths Global Classroom Challenge

This year I will be attempting to teach 100 Living Maths classes in different countries around the world!  With schools in India, USA, Denmark and Austria already under my belt, I will be posting updates on every new school.

Last week I taught a class in New Jersey in the USA.  My colleague Ms Carlene Andersen allowed me to spend some time with her 3rd graders at Paterson Public Schools - School #12.  The connection was great and the children were happy to participate!  She has blogged about this class on her site:

I will get to teach another of her classes later on Tuesday!

Today I had a lesson with children in Denmark in Class 1A  at the Vonsild School.  My colleague, Mr Stefan Nielsen allowed me a few minutes to give his students some brain massage.  While the voice connection was not great, after typing some of the discussion, he was able to translate from English into Danish - the only Danish I know is an Apple one!  Read Stefan's Blog entry on the session:   Stefan has kindly included some video footage and a photo that I took from my side.

Tomorrow I travel to Greece...  via Skype to connect with the Winners School in Athens. I will post an update afterwards.

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