Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Living Maths travels to Greece

Today I taught a fun class in Athens, Greece at the Winners School.  We had a small class of High School students that were dessed nice and warm - while I sat enjoying 30C temperatures here in Cape Town ;-)  The students showed enthusiasm and came up with some lovely solutions to some of my mind bending teasers.  Many thanks to Effie Kyrikakis, the Director of studies at the school for setting up the class.  I look forward to interacting with more of her students very soon. I am also waiting for a very cool Baklava recipe ;-) After watching what the Greek children get to eat for lunch I knew that this would be an interesting class to teach!

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  1. Thanks for the great brain teasers you tough us! We learnt to concentrate on the facts and not be distracted by the narrative and not to assume because U make......!
    Looking forward to connecting again!
    C1 Class
    Winners Education, Athens, Greece