Tuesday, 31 January 2012

New Jersey in USA - great to connect with you

Once again I had the privilege of teaching one of Ms Carlene Andesen's classes in Paterson New Jersey, USA.  Her grade 3's were just so excited and they asked such wonderful questions about South Africa and our history.  When it came to the brainteasers, they were on top form.  It was such a joy to watch the students using their problem solving skills to tackle my sneaky and tricky teasers.  I bet they will try and catch their parents out when they get home today!  The connection was great like the last time and there were no issues with the sound and this allowed us to get through quite a bit.  We ended off with a cool magic trick where a R10 note (equivalent to just a little over one dollar) was torn in font of the students and then magically it was reparied in font of their eyes.  I look forward to hearing fom the students how the trick was done;-)
The wondeful students in Ms Carlene Andersen's Grade 3 class

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