Monday, 30 January 2012

Space Week Living Maths Style!

Living Maths never stops for a second! Last year we were privileged to have had access to a few NASA Astronauts and Astronomers during their visit to Cape Town, South Africa for the I.A.C. We took the Head of NASA to a local school to speak to the students. We had the other Astronauts (including the head of NASA Mr Charles Bolden) giving public talks and children got to meet the Astronauts face to face. They had many questions and the Astronauts were outstanding. See some photos posted below.
NASA Head Charles Bolden speaking to South Peninsula High School Students

NASA Head Charles Bolden motivating students at South Peninsula High School
NASA Astronaut Dr Catherine Coleman giving a presentation

NASA Astronaut Dr Catherine Coleman met with the excited audience

Kids just loved meeting Dr Catherine Coleman

NASA Astronaut Dr Catherine Coleman and NASA Head Mr Charles Bolden hand out awards to children in the Space Art competition

NASA Astronaut Dr Don Thomas meets with a Fan

NASA Astroanut Dr Don Thomas meets the audience for more questions

Astronomer and Author Dr Jeff Bennet talks about his book Max goes to the Moon

Children Meet Astronomer and Author Dr Jeff Bennet after his talk

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