Friday, 16 August 2013

Cybermail, The Living Maths Olympiad 2013 and Membership Card

The first Cybermail will be coming out on Monday.  It is an email that we fill with awesome website links, competitions, brainteasers, announcements and anything that we think would be interesting to YOU!  The first Cybermail will be jam-packed with Extra goodies for you and there will be a chance to win an MP3 player - just for giving us suggestions on what we should include in our new website.  The Website is in the early stages of a rebuild.  After the hackers destroyed our last site, we have had an opportunity to build a better and more exciting website.  Over the next week it will begin to take shape - we want to hear your ideas and suggestions so that the site will be of use to YOU!

Living Maths Olympiad
We are in the process of setting the 2013 Living Maths Olympiad papers.  Our goal is to have them set and translated before the end of the month and we will make the papers available to ANY school that would like to write the papers.   We normally give schools the month of October to write the papers (this year they will have a large portion of September too!).  

Living Maths Membership Card
By the middle of next week we will add the Membership Card details on our site.  If you show your card at certain businesses in Cape Town, they will offer you a special price purely because you are a VIP and member of Living Maths!  The list of stores will be updated frequently.

This past week has been quite busy with visits to Kronendal and St Georges to do presentations in their assemblies.

St George's Primary

Kronendal Primary

Monday, 5 August 2013

The fire-breathing Dragon has awoken...

After a lengthy break from Blog posts, regular posts will commence from next week.  Our new website should be up and running before Friday and these blog posts will feed into the website.  We have lots of exciting news, special offers and competitions - all will be revealed soon.  So much has happened over the past year and we will try to fill you in by posting a quick summary blog post.  Our website was hacked about a month ago and we have redesigned a new site and we are hopeful that it will go live this week. Watch this space!