Monday, 14 October 2013

Interview with Paula Slier

Watch the LIVE interview here at 6pm Thursday 19 June - South African Time.
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Watch last week's interview with Lily and Joe Born

Watch this super cool interview with James Matthews.  Piano super star and recent guest on the Ellen Show.
Youtube :


The next sleepover is taking place on 17 May.  Forms are coming in very quickly.  Don't be the one that misses out!  More information:

Augmented reality

We have demonstrated a few apps on the ipad and Android devices that make use of Augmented reality.  Why not try some of these for yourself.

Trac labs Atlas Robot
AR Spaceship
Bouncing ball

Solar System AR

Living Maths T-shirts

The Living Maths T-shirts for 2014 will be ready at the end of this week.  We are all very excited!
We will make the T-shirts available from Monday next week.

Membership Cards

The 2014 Membership cards are currently being handed out to all our students.  Please feel free to email us ( a list of all the stores you want us to nag to offer you a  discount when you shop there.  Mr B will be updating the website with the first few stores that have agreed to join us.

Past events
On the 6th of November, Mr S interviewed the famous British Scientist James Piercy.   James is a well-known science communicator all over the world and a couple of years ago he was involved in a tragic accident which affected his brain.  Being the scientist that he is, he now talks about how the brain works, how his accident affected his brain and what he has done to get his brain to perform tasks by “rerouting” and “relearning”.  He is a highly entertaining speaker.  Watch it live on YouTube here: 

On the 7th of November  Mr S introduced a NASA Deputy chief technologist Jim Adams.  Over 12 different countries took part in the Google hangout too.  Photos are on the website and here is the video clip: YouTube:
(The hangout auto - selected a different participant for the first few mins of the presentation so you will hear it and see it in a small window but Jim appears on the full screen from 28:50)

Interview with DJ Elle

Watch it live on YouTube at 6pm 5 March 2014
Click here

Join us at the Cape Town Science Center where we will be interviewing DJ Elle, the teen sensation that is making a name for herself on the EDM scene.  At only 13 years old, this young woman is performing at all the best gigs and she even has her own dance club for teenagers!  You can join us LIVE at the CTSC at 6pm on the 5th of March or join us live on YOU TUBE - the links will be posted about 10 minutes before the event begins.

For more information:
Personal website: -  join her fan club!
Twitter: @djellemorgan (
Instagram: @ellemorgan1 (
YouTube: - features her new music video for Starkidz

Coming up soon…
Living Maths is planning to launch a weather balloon into the outer reaches of our Atmosphere.  We will be recording the event and taking awesome video footage of outer Space.  We are in the planning phase and as soon as the launch date is announced, we will invite some of you to join us for the exciting launch!  We are now much closer to the launch phase – our homework is certainly paying off!


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