Thursday, 22 March 2012

If only Skype Miles = regular air miles part 2

This Thursday was a wonderful opportunity to Skpye a few schools/teachers in one day.

It started off in Germany at Realschule Sundern, with Mr Marx' class

Then it moved on Mr Panthy in Nepal

Then we travelled to France with our good friend Mr Mespoulet and his friend Isabelle

Then we moved onto Ms Leah Montano in Vietnam

Now it was off to Ms Laima's class in Lithuania

We then moved off to Taiwan to chat with our friend Lin-Lin - but as promised, we are not posting any photos (something about hair that had just been washed and she had a towel wrapped around it)
Don't worry Lin-Lin - we are grateful for the chat!

Finally we ended the day with Mr Smith's Class in Tewkesbury Gloucestershire, United Kingdom as part of their International Day.  Many teachers around the world Skyped their school and ran sessions with different classes.   We did a few brainteasers and juding by the smiles and laughter...  I think they had some fun!

I wonder where we will be travelling next.....?????

If only Skype miles earned me regular air miles....

The past 2 weeks have been a Skype fest of note (see today's entry after this one). While taking part in the South African National Science Festival, I had my friend and colleague Dr Don Thomas (NASA Astronaut) join me in Skyping two classes.  Mrs Leonard in Georgia (USA) and Mrs Morgan in Fort Worth, Texas (USA) had their students ask Dr Thomas a bunch of questions.  Dr T was very excited about speaking with the students and he was impressed with levels of questions!  Here is the blog entry posted by Mrs Morgan.

Here are some photos that I took of the session.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

World Class Skyping - where classes skype the world

Wow.....  Wednesday and Thursday this week were Crazy....  Mr S went a major International journey travelling from country to country - visiting students and teachers - all through Skype.  The Living Maths students have been delighted with the opportunity to chat teachers and students in different countries....  See the photos below.

 Grade 3 Weizmann speaking to Mr Panakal in India

Grade 3 Weizmann speaking to Mr Nielsen and his class in Denmark

Springfield Girls speaking to Mrs Andersen's class in the USA

Grade R at Alon Ashel speaking to Mr Nielsen's grade 1's in Denmark

 Mr Nielsen's grade 1 group - that spoke with our Grade R's at Alon Ashel

Mr Panakal from India talking about Vedic Maths to the grade 3's at Weizmann

 Mr Sharpe from the UK talking to the grade 1's of Highlands.

Mr Mespoulet from France spoke with the grade 3's at Highlands

Mr Mespoulet a teacher from France

 Mr Sharpe from Tewkesbury Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

 Mr Mespoulet from France and his cat that speaks and understands FRENCH!

 Mr Nielsen in Denmark took a photo of us at Parklands College

The Parklands College Students talking to Mr Nielsen (part Teacher part rock star) from Denmark

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Jackson filled with Action in MA, USA

Mrs Lorraine Leo kindly allowed me to mess with the minds of her students for well over an hour.  They were very resposnove, they were incredibly enthusiastic and even after the talk, two students managed to escape their next class to try and catch me out with their own brainsteasers!  The students were taught some cool tricks to try and earn more money out of their parents - Always loads of fun!!!!

Mr Marx and his Bright German Sparks

In December of 2011, I had the privilege of working with Mr Marx and his students at Realschule Sundern in Germany.  The students were very attentive, enthusiastic and quick on the draw. They were able to crack even the toughest of teasers.  I am looking forward to doing some more work with Mr Marx and his bright Sparks!

Around the world in 60 Minutes

This morning I decided to test out my 3G card to ensure that I was able to make use of Skype in the class room.  While at Herzlia Constantia, I connected with Mrs Palupi and her grade 8's in Indonesia, Mrs Lin-Lin in Taiwan, Mr Graham Sharpe in England and Mr Vincent Mespoulet in France.  The children were absolutely fascinated with the clarity of the call.  Our next project will be to get children of a similar age to join us for a regular Living Maths Lesson.  Mr Mespoulet has offered us an opportunity to work with some French schools and I have a few teachers in other countries that cannot wait to get connected with South African students.

See the photos below
 Mr Graham Sharpe in the UK

 Mr Vincent Mespoulet in France

 Mrs Endang Palupi and her students in Indonesia

Ms Lin Lin and = Ms Janice from Taiwan - see their Blog about it