Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Around the world in 60 Minutes

This morning I decided to test out my 3G card to ensure that I was able to make use of Skype in the class room.  While at Herzlia Constantia, I connected with Mrs Palupi and her grade 8's in Indonesia, Mrs Lin-Lin in Taiwan, Mr Graham Sharpe in England and Mr Vincent Mespoulet in France.  The children were absolutely fascinated with the clarity of the call.  Our next project will be to get children of a similar age to join us for a regular Living Maths Lesson.  Mr Mespoulet has offered us an opportunity to work with some French schools and I have a few teachers in other countries that cannot wait to get connected with South African students.

See the photos below
 Mr Graham Sharpe in the UK

 Mr Vincent Mespoulet in France

 Mrs Endang Palupi and her students in Indonesia

Ms Lin Lin and = Ms Janice from Taiwan - see their Blog about it

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