Thursday, 15 March 2012

World Class Skyping - where classes skype the world

Wow.....  Wednesday and Thursday this week were Crazy....  Mr S went a major International journey travelling from country to country - visiting students and teachers - all through Skype.  The Living Maths students have been delighted with the opportunity to chat teachers and students in different countries....  See the photos below.

 Grade 3 Weizmann speaking to Mr Panakal in India

Grade 3 Weizmann speaking to Mr Nielsen and his class in Denmark

Springfield Girls speaking to Mrs Andersen's class in the USA

Grade R at Alon Ashel speaking to Mr Nielsen's grade 1's in Denmark

 Mr Nielsen's grade 1 group - that spoke with our Grade R's at Alon Ashel

Mr Panakal from India talking about Vedic Maths to the grade 3's at Weizmann

 Mr Sharpe from the UK talking to the grade 1's of Highlands.

Mr Mespoulet from France spoke with the grade 3's at Highlands

Mr Mespoulet a teacher from France

 Mr Sharpe from Tewkesbury Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

 Mr Mespoulet from France and his cat that speaks and understands FRENCH!

 Mr Nielsen in Denmark took a photo of us at Parklands College

The Parklands College Students talking to Mr Nielsen (part Teacher part rock star) from Denmark

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  1. Thanks for the two skype sessions today with Vonsild School in Denmark. We really enjoyed talking to you all and hear The Weizmanns sing and show their lunchboxes. See our post here: